Volunteer Stories: Abayomi Dawodu

We are inviting a number of our volunteers who have been working with us on the Nature Matters project to speak about their experience of volunteering with us and some of the work they create.

First up we have Abayomi Dawodu - a filmmaking MA student who has created a number of films from some of the Nature Matters events, including the Festival of Thrift and Whitley Bay Film Festival.  See what he got up to and watch the films he created below!

"Volunteering to film for Nature Matters - a charity organization, is a powerful way of blending passion with purpose, capturing the essence of the environment while contributing to a cause that transcends individual interests.

"Nature Matters informs society of the importance of keeping our environment safe and healthy against pollution and other environmental threats/risks associated with climate changes and environmental degradation - making a meaningful impact on a larger scale by contributing to the broader cause of environmental conservation.

"My filmmaking background is rooted in a deep passion for storytelling through visual media. I have a basic foundation experience in film production, and I further opted to acquire academic knowledge and development which I am on the verge of completing through my Masters degree in film and television production at Teesside University. I have practiced various aspects of the craft, including directing, cinematography, and editing.

"My creative practice is guided by a desire to capture and convey compelling narratives, emotions, and perspectives through the lens. I’ve worked on a variety of projects, from short films to cooperative videos and I’m dedicated to continuously learning, practicing and honing my new techniques and skills to create impactful and thought-provoking cinematic experiences."