Meet the Team

Director: Sue Howard

Sue leads the staff team and operations across both the Yorkshire and North East bases. Working with the Board of Trustees, she is responsible for overall strategic planning and delivery, key stakeholder management, and funding for the Archive. She brings a wealth of experience, and has been central to the successful development of the Archive from its earliest days, overseeing the move to new purpose-built premises, the strategic merger with the North East Film Archive, and the creation of innovative programmes that continually reach out to connect new audiences, partner and clients with their regional film heritage collections.

Archive Manager: Graham Relton

Graham leads on commercial services as well as managing major public delivery programmes across the two regions. He has extensive knowledge of the collections, and works with researchers and clients on end-to-end delivery of content, from delving deeper into the collections to find new unseen content, to licensing and supply of footage. Graham also project manages major public engagement programmes, and he regularly presents archive screenings as part of his commitment to connecting with and delivering a fantastic service to audiences across the region.

Collections Manager: Megan McCooley

Megan first joined the Archive in 2006 after completing her MA in Film Archiving and is now Collections Manager, responsible for collections and preservation policies that ensure the highest standards of collections care. As well as her extensive knowledge of the collections, she plays a pivotal role in delivering the analogue to digital transition that is central to the Archive’s Forward Strategy. Megan manages relationships with all depositors, and works with key partners on the preservation/digitisation of large significant collections. She works closely with Graham, and with Sue to ensure priorities for preservation, access and future strategies align and work in tandem.

Archive Co-ordinator: David Parsons

David is the first point of contact at our North East office, with extensive knowledge of the North East collections. He supports Graham on research and commercial enquiries, and works with Megan on prioritising collections for preservation, digitisation, cataloguing and curation. David is currently focussing on our TV collections and working on a major digitisation programme of BBC regional news material, along with his colleague, Montse Rovira-Prieto.

Archive Technician: Montse Rovira-Prieto

Montse has a wealth of expertise in handling, repair and in-house transfer services for the smaller 16, 9.5 and 8mm film collections. Montse has a great eye for interesting content, and an insider knowledge of the workings of our original ‘film legacy’ equipment, though she is equally at home working in a digital environment, capturing content, editing and supplying material for commercial clients and depositors. She is currently working with her colleague David on a major digitisation programme of BBC regional news material from Yorkshire and the North East of England.

Creative Editor: Andy Burns

We know we have fabulous content, but when Andy works his magic it creates amazing opportunities to connect with people, whether as part of large installations, themed curated pieces, special commissions or material edited with enormous care to connect with older people and carers living with dementia. With over 20 years’ experience as filmmaker and editor, every piece of work is a collaboration, and Andy’s knowledge of the collections means he finds the right shots to tell the right story. Some of his work can be seen here link to Features/specialisms.

Our in-house skills mean we offer a fantastic service for commissioned work from cultural partners, exhibitors, festivals and museums.  We can also curate our content for wider education, health and wellbeing agendas. Contact the Archive for more information.

Administrator: Ruth Patman

Ruth is first point of contact at the YFA office, and the ‘go to’ person to find out what is happening on a daily basis! She provides administrative support to the Director and Board of Trustees, manages bookings for our annual community film screenings across both regions, and marketing and promotion of archive events and activities. Her role has developed over the past 10 years to include managing social media for the Archive, and working with Graham and Megan to develop a broader online presence for the Archive across a range of platforms.

Finance Manager: Sally Bell

Sally keeps the Archive finances in order, working with the Director and the Board of Trustees to ensure absolute compliance with all our charitable obligations, financial reporting to key stakeholders and streamlining the financial management for all our commercial services.