Our access team have a wealth of experience, working with broadcasters, production companies, events managers and other media professionals.

Increasingly, we are aware that researchers and producers are looking for archive footage that shows a different perspective – previously unseen, or less well-known footage – which can bring a new edge to programmes. We offer a friendly, efficient and professional service, and understand the need to work to deadlines, so will respond promptly to your enquiries.

Start by searching our online catalogue, then email us, or call to discuss your production in more detail. A chat with one of our team can be the key to unlock more of our collections; we often have content not yet readily available online, but that just might be the exact footage you’re looking for.

We can supply MPEG4 time-coded screeners for you to work with offline, advise on rights clearances, and agree fees at an early stage in the process.

That means master footage can be supplied promptly when you’re ready for the final cut, and the licence agreement signed off to complete the process.

We look forward to working with you on your next production!

Contact the Archive Manager for all licensing enquiries