Archives at Dusk

As part of this year's North Yorkshire County Record Office ‘Archives at Dusk’ event in Northallerton, we provided footage from our Nature Matters project that explored this year’s event theme of Maps, Plans, Travel and Adventure.

The footage took viewers on an adventure across Yorkshire from Scarborough to Upper Wharfedale. The compilation highlighted the various ways that people have interacted with Yorkshire’s landscapes on foot, by train, or on water, and makes us think about the ways that we interact and traverse the landscape today, especially when we are more aware of the environmental/carbon impact of our movements. There are now apps you can download to track your carbon footprint, and at the Archive as we undertake this project we are conscious of the ways in which we carry out our own travel, picking sustainable methods wherever possible.

If you would like to watch the films included in the programme visit the following links: 

Photos of the event provided by North Yorkshire County Records Office. To find out more about their work and future events, head to their website.